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WeRecycle Kits

We are thrilled to share that we have unveiled our new Cirba Solutions product lines, WeRecycle. 
Being dedicated to sustainability is a part of the solution to create a circular economy, therefore, we will leverage our existing inventory (that may be branded differently), until this limited stock is out.
They enable users to recycle household batteries safely and easily. Offered in different sizes, these prepaid recycling kits come with all necessary elements to fit DOT guidelines for handling, packaging and transportation needed to recycle your batteries. Contact us today to get your own battery recycling containers.

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  • WeRecycle Battery Recycling Box
    WeRecycle Kits

    WeRecycle Battery Box

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  • Mini WeRecycle Battery Recycling Box
  • WeRecycle Kit 20
    WeRecycle Kits

    WeRecycle Kit 20

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  • WeRecycle Kit 35
    WeRecycle Kits

    WeRecycle Kit 35

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  • WeRecycle Kit 55
    WeRecycle Kits

    WeRecycle Kit 55

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