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Flexibility and adaptability sit at the forefront of our approach to electric vehicle battery recycling. Delivering what you need today and planning for what you need tomorrow.  

With decades of experience in end-of-life battery disassembly, we are the industry leaders in EV battery recycling management. We have access to the best recycling technologies, giving you options to retain the best economic value while providing the most material back into the value chain.

When disposed of incorrectly, batteries can be harmful to the environment. It’s important that you make the effort to dispose of batteries properly, so they can be reused to the benefit of yourself and the planet. As electric cars become more prevalent in society and more batteries come into demand, this issue becomes even more important. Our recycling services preserve the planet and ensure that electric car batteries remain well in stock by recirculating materials.

How to Properly Dispose of Batteries

Trust the EV


We have access to multiple technology paths, allowing us to stay agile in this ever-changing environment. Our electric vehicle battery recycling programs provide quick response times while providing you with the best supply chain security in the industry. We work with you to provide the most sustainable avenue for your batteries.

By putting safety first, we continue to provide education, instruction, and assistance on handling batteries. As leading experts in electric car battery recycling, management, and handling, we have cultivated a recycling experience that is compliant and safe. 

First-class facility set-up for disassembly

Processing agility

Full Traceability

Industry leader for battery recycling

Logistics Experts

Need on-site assistance?
We got you covered:

Battery identification and consulting: 
  • DOT compliance
  • Identification of battery type 
  • Evaluation of damaged batteries
  • Help determine best use for possible second life
EV packaging for transport:
  • Packaging instruction 
  • Compliance and safety 
Safe damaged lithium-ion battery packaging and transport:
  • Damaged battery packaging and transport
  • Highest safety industry standards
On-site services:
  • On-site disassembly 
  • On-site evaluation and packaging 
  • On-site damaged battery management

Since batteries contain corrosive materials and hard metals that harm the environment, calling in the experts is always a good idea. Contact us today for electric vehicle battery recycling. Help us drive the future by contributing to the circular economy.

Want To Find The Best Possible Next Step To Recycle Your EV Batteries?

Our battery experts can help you align your program with your sustainability goals.

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