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Battery Recycling Services

Batteries require special care and attention when being recycled to ensure they don’t cause harm to the environment; they can particularly affect air and water. To protect the planet and ensure your useless batteries are recycled back into usable batteries, you need to call upon a battery recycling service.

At Cirba Solutions, our team members are experts on battery collection and storage to ensure none of the harmful materials in old batteries leak and harm the environment. We also ensure that the recycled materials reenter the supply chain so that they can be made into new batteries for use.

Why Recycle Batteries?

Aside from the environmental effects, there are a few reasons for your business to properly recycle its batteries. First and foremost is that you’ll potentially get paid. Batteries are common necessities for every electronic in some shape or form, so you’ll always have batteries to dispose of—so why not take advantage of the incentives? Dead batteries may not be useful to you, but if the material within is recyclable, they’re incredibly valuable. Just as in some places you can get a bit of money for recycling bottles, you can also get a little bit of kickback when you go out of your way to use battery recycling services.

Furthermore, recycling batteries ensures the materials can be reused again and again. Materials such as the copper and aluminum within batteries is endlessly recyclable, meaning they’ll never not be reusable. Ensuring the supply chain remains flush with recycled materials in turn ensures that supply will always keep up with the demand for batteries; therefore, prices will not rise.

Lastly, in some places, recycling batteries is the law! Especially eco-conscious areas such as California adhere to the federal Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Act. Whether you’re an individual or a business, you’re expected to do your due diligence. You can best accomplish this with battery management services that will take the burden off your hands.

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Home Collection Programs

Collection solutions for environmentally conscious households.

Business Collection Programs

Single collection container to full program management.


From full vehicle to pack, we can disassemble any electric or hybrid electric vehicle battery.

Battery Deinstallation

It’s what we do: removal of the old battery, replacement with the new.

Global Logistics

Fully compliant, highest on-time industry performance for
battery transportation.


Product fulfillment services covering a range of materials: battery recycling collection containers to consumer products, small parcels to large drums.

Battery Sorting

The largest and most efficient battery sorting operation in North America.

Electric Vehicle Services

Flexibility and adaptability sit at the forefront of our approach to electronic vehicle battery recycling. 


Charging equipment, temperature-controlled warehouses, and load staging.

Battery School

End-of-life battery education from battery 101 to new to market chemistries.

Battery Maintenance

Large-Scale battery maintenance and long-term storage solutions.

Battery Inventory Management & Distribution

Inventory management, verification of battery voltage, storage, and shipping to end-customer.

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