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Lead-Acid Battery Recycling

Lead-acid batteries are the primary battery type that is used in construction equipment, almost all forms of transportation, telecommunications and more. Lead-acid batteries are the most recycled battery chemistry today, with an estimated volume of over 130 million pounds having been recycled in 2023.

As a full service, certified battery recycler, Cirba Solutions is the industry leader in safety and has the most experienced team across chemistries in battery recycling. We accept VRLA, Flooded, Automotive, Aircraft, Forklifts, Steel Cased, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), and Absolyte.

Quick Response

We work around your schedule, ensuring a timely response and scheduling to pick-up batteries quickly.

Specialized Logistics

As the leader in battery recycling logistics, we specialize in battery movement. Cirba Solutions’ team is certified in DOT, IMDG, HAZWOPER, & HazMat transport.

Traceable Process

From coordinating with your on-site teams to offering additional services such as compliant packaging or spill kits for damaged batteries, our team of experts helps to ensure that all loads are fully in compliance with industry standards, and will provide a Certificate of Recycling.

Competitive Pricing

Handling millions of pounds of batteries annually allows us to provide you with highly competitive pricing.

Certified Recycler

Cirba Solutions adheres to rigorous standards through multiple certifying bodies, including SERI and ISOS.

Lead Acid Recovery
The Process

The recycling of lead-acid batteries creates new lead acid batteries, which further contributes to a circular economy. The materials from a lead-acid battery can be infinitely recycled without any concern of loss performance.

The process to recycle lead acid batteries involves shipping them to EPA-approved smelters where they will be converted into pure lead ingot for reuse in new batteries.  

Damaged, Defective, or Recalled (DDR) Lead-Acid Batteries

If you have a damaged, defective, or recalled lead-acid battery, reach out to us immediately for a spill kit. Cirba Solutions will handle the DDR battery safely, compliantly, and quickly. From battery logistics to packaging solutions, we will ensure that your batteries are handled with care

Cirba Solutions, empowering a circular economy through transforming the way we use our finite resources.

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