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Not just any company can effectively and efficiently process lead acid batteries. Why? Because this type of recycling requires the intricate recovery of the lead as well as the treatment of the sulfuric acid electrolyte.

Fortunately, Cirba Solutions has various methods for performing these critical functions, all of which are performed on-site.

We lead the way in offering you the latest recovery techniques. Because lead acid batteries have been classified as a hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, implementing the utmost standards in safety is our most important priority. Only facilities that have been permitted by the EPA after its thorough review process – sometimes taking years to complete – can legally manage lead acid batteries on-site. We’ve proudly undergone and completed this rigorous review which guarantees your batteries are being handled with the technical expertise to properly store, treat and track the hazardous components involved.

A Specialized Lead Acid Recovery Process

Lead Acid Recycling

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Better engineering means better results for you and the circular economy. Thanks to an innovate component of our automated recycling process, known as a battery breaker, we’re able to recover the various components of a lead acid battery. The batteries are then fed by conveyor to a high-impact crusher, which is enclosed to prevent the escape of fugitive lead emissions. The crusher effectively separates all the battery components and then uses various material separation techniques to produce clean streams of raw materials for use in new products.

In addition, we have a manual line for accomplishing the physical disassembly of the battery components into clean streams of raw materials. This manual line is instrumental for certain consumers that prefer lead plate over the crushed lead produced by the automated breaker.

Whether processed through our automated or manual line, the same components will be generated: lead product, battery casing (plastic or steel) and sulfuric acid. The lead product is shipped to EPA-approved secondary smelters and will be converted into pure lead ingot for reuse in new batteries.

Likewise, the battery casing will be shipped to various plastic and steel recyclers for reuse in new products. Finally, the sulfuric acid will be treated on-site and discharged in accordance with facility permits and treatment requirements.

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