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We are the largest and most efficient battery sorting operation in North America. Our expert team and investment in advanced technology make the difference when it comes to efficient, accurate, and safe sorting. 

For example, treating a lithium battery with a batch of alkaline could cause an event. This is one of the many real-world examples that demonstrate how inferior battery sorting can wreak havoc, undermining both safety and quality assurance. As batteries have changed over time, some have started to look like each other, adding complexity to the process.


six-step system:
Battery Sorting

We are the best sorters in the industry. Sorting millions of pounds of batteries every year, by hand. 

When batteries are received we welcome them by weighing the shipment, conducting a visual inspection of the material, and assigning them identity. This is where our process of industry-leading traceability and tracking starts.  

Every battery we collect is identified, classified, and sorted manually by a team of experts, who visually classify each battery by chemistry. All of our battery sorters have attended our rigorous, internal Battery School, an extensive training program that builds on our more than 25 years of battery recycling knowledge. We update our Battery School curriculum regularly to maintain pace with changing battery technologies and our customers’ specific needs.

We use advanced technology for further battery collection and sorting based on any criteria that we select, such as chemistry or brand. In fact, we were the first North American-based company to implement automated battery sorting and data collection technology.

Automated battery separation may sound like a one-button push, but in reality, it includes its own three-step process. First, each batch is cleared for any debris that cannot be recycled, and this debris is itself sorted to ensure proper routing – using our proprietary debris rating system*. Then we conduct format sizing to sort all batteries. Finally, we apply all of our internal battery sorting criteria and any other customer-dependent requirements.

*We are experienced in handling debris and other non-conforming material. If you have material requiring special consideration, please let us know.

During this, automated battery sorting services collect massive amounts of data about each battery – an intelligent sorting capability not achievable by manual methods without extensive cost. Given that battery technology is ever-evolving and is a global enterprise, this step is critical for quality assurance:

  • As more companies begin manufacturing batteries, and as the number of specialty types increases to meet technological demand, this adds even more complexity to the battery recycling process.
  • Different batteries mean different chemical makeups, which can in turn increase the danger of safety issues from treating caustic combinations.
  • In addition, some batteries produced with a lower-quality process may contain small amounts of cadmium and other elements that have been banned in the United States.
  • There is no specific data collection standard for battery recycling, so we have set our own standard. Our approach employs the tools of big data to collect and analyze each battery that we sort.
  • This gives us insight into the chemistry makeup of each battery, which helps us to control sorting quality and safely process all batteries, while giving us insights into evolving technologies that we use to help educate our team.

Throughout the battery sorting process, we separate the elements based on processing type, and then debris, batteries and any other materials are sent on for safe and compliant processing and reclamation.

We provide regulatory compliance and always ensure your specific compliance needs are met, all to guarantee that your batteries are properly recycled with an auditable paper trail, corresponding documentation, and a Confirmation of Reclamation (COR) certificate. This detailed report also provides a breakdown of specific battery chemistries and notes the routes taken by these component parts during the battery sorting process.

Battery Sorting Operation

Pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

But that’s not all. In an evolving battery recycling industry, we are committed to building on our strong foundation – continually increasing our capabilities and exploring new, previously unexplored depths of statistical knowledge about battery sorting, data collection, and recycling.

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