Cirba Solutions

Cirba Solutions

Cirba Solutions Secures $245 million Investment

This investment will help accelerate our buildout and efforts in recycling critical materials so they can be used in manufacturing new lithium-ion EV batteries

Cirba Solutions awarded $75M in Department of Energy Grant Funding

60 combined years of recycling experience

We are
cirba solutions

Battery Recycling Services

A Legacy of Expertise That Created the Solution for Circular Battery Recycling Management and Materials

Adaptable Options

Our collection solutions fit in wherever you need them, bringing sustainability and battery recycling to home, office, and beyond.
We are the leader in lithium battery recycling. From EV recycling to complete battery deinstallations, we have the solution for you! As a leading battery recycling company, we divert end-of-life batteries away from landfills, safely recycling each component. Contact us today to get a quote.

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Battery-Centric Logistics

True Closed Loop Lifecycle

Lithium Processing

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Our battery experts have a solution for your every recycling need.

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