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Processing Today's batteries to power tomorrows.

Lead Acid

Not just any company can effectively and efficiently process lead acid batteries. Why? Because this type of recycling requires the intricate recovery of the lead as well as the treatment of the sulfuric acid electrolyte.

NiCad & NiMH

As cell phones, laptops and our other favorite gadgets become more advanced, so must the technologies that power them. That’s why Cirba Solutions leads the way in recycling nickel. 

Lithium Ion

Need a trusted partner who can help you recover critical materials from lithium-ion batteries in the most sustainable way possible. We are the trusted solution for you.

Primary Lithium

Primary lithium batteries is the most reactive chemistry currently being used in the household and industrial markets. When managing these batteries, exhaustive care is required to ensure the batteries do not unintentionally react or short circuit, which could lead to fires or even explosions.  

Alkaline & Zinc Carbon

Cirba Solutions has long been on the cutting-edge of developing advanced battery recycling technologies. After years of research, we’ve  patented a process to safely and efficiently recycle alkaline batteries.

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