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Battery storage technology plays a key role in ensuring our homes and businesses remain powered while being more beneficial for the environment. Rather than throwing out lithium-ion batteries when they’ve been used up, we’ll provide the materials and services you need to safely store, transport, and recycle your batteries.

We have multiple battery storage service locations across the country to accommodate your local or regional demands. All of our sites meet every compliance standard for a range of materials. Furthermore, our safe battery storage locations have safeguards and expert personnel to prevent accidents should your batteries experience decay and corrosion. Making the effort to have your batteries stored and recycled by Cirba Solutions will be far more efficient and cost-effective than buying entirely new batteries that must be made from scratch.

We offer charging equipment, temperature-controlled warehouses, lithium battery storage, staging and more—which all comes with liability insurance coverage. Plus, you have the option of picking them up directly from us, or we can haul your batteries to you. Whichever you prefer, or wherever you are, we have you covered thanks to our dedication to preserving the environment and ensuring batteries remain sustainable and available. If batteries cannot be recharged and returned, the materials within will be broken down into components and recycled into the supply chain once more.

Additionally, we are centrally located around major cities for easy access. We understand that collecting and bringing your batteries to us can seem time-consuming in the midst of your busy schedule, so we endeavor to ensure our battery storage services are as convenient as possible. Using our delivery services, we can ensure your business receives the batteries it needs on time and without the hassle of having to retrieve them yourself. You’ll see the difference in how much money and energy you save in exchange for using our services!

Safe Storage Means

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We Go Beyond the Basics

Our safety measures include:

  • In-Rack Sprinklers
  • Thermal Monitoring
  • Emergency Response Team

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