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We have multiple storage service locations across the country to accommodate your local or regional demands. All of our sites meet every compliance standard for a range of materials.

We offer charging equipment, temperature-controlled warehouses, lithium battery storage, staging and all come with liability insurance coverage. Plus, you have the option of picking up directly from us, or we can haul your batteries to you. Whichever you prefer, or wherever you are, we have you covered. 

Additionally, we are centrally located around major cities for easy access.

Safe Storage Means

Peace of Mind

Top Tier Safety

State-of-the-Art Fire Detection

Convenient Locations


Product Tracking & Staging

We Go Beyond the Basics

Our safety measures include:

  • In-Rack Sprinklers
  • Thermal Monitoring
  • Emergency Response Team

Want To Find The Best Possible Next Step To Recycle Your Batteries?

Our battery experts can help you align your program with your sustainability goals.

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