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Lithium ion Processing

The future is electrified

Uncovering possibility starts with recovering materials

Power to the land. Not the landfills.

Need a trusted partner who can help you recover critical materials from lithium-ion batteries in the most sustainable way possible?

Cirba Solutions is your one-stop solution for ensuring more materials go back into the supply chain and stay out of a landfill. Having processed over 36 million pounds of lithium-ion for over 30 years, here’s how we make it possible:

We manage your batteries through a single recycling process

One Convenient Process

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Cross-Chemistry Flexibility

Historically, lithium-ion batteries have been composed of cobalt-based constituents. But as batteries became optimized for greater safety, durability, and power output, they’ve utilized non-cobalt-based parts. Our chemical engineers therefore created a specialized recycling process to offer you a cross-chemistry solution. 

Cirba Solutions, transforming the way we use our finite resources.

Recycling todays batteries to make tomorrows.

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