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A legacy of sustainable solutions

For 30 years, we have led the battery recycling industry through our services, processing and material upgrading. Today, as the most knowledgeable and diverse battery management and materials company we are seeing the growth of the electrification age. Servicing over 7,000 customers to date and having recycled hundreds of millions of pounds over the course of our history we are leading the battery lifecycle legacy. 

Contributing to the circular economy model is our core focus. The pursuit of economic prosperity and quality of life for a growing global population can only be achieved through the sustainable and mindful use of natural resources. By recirculating reclaimed materials back into the manufacturing marketplace, we reduce the need for newly mined materials, lessening the strain on the earth.

" We service the needs of today and support future generations across the globe"
David Klanecky
David Klanecky

Your Singular Answer
in Circularity

A circular economy model recycles used materials and reintroduces them back into the value chain for reuse with little waste creating a fully sustainable circular supply chain for battery materials. Our advanced processing and material upgrading capabilities recycle old batteries, extract valuable materials, and produce cathode-grade materials that can go right back into creating new batteries.


Further innovating our exclusive collection of services and processing technologies

We specialize in solutions. Driven by radical process improvement and our reputation as a 30-year global technology magnate, we’ll further evolve our closed-loop approach for providing testing, repairing and warehousing support for a fully traceable outcome. And as experts in logistics and collection, we work with our 7,000 partners across the country to reach any customer, anywhere.

To raise the bar, we first
had to break barriers

We’re obsessed with compliance. That’s why we not only follow all industry standards but help develop new guidelines and discover even greater possibilities in safety.

Powering sustainability. Empowering an electric future to accelerate human progress. We are Cirba Solutions.

Batteries are an essential part of our everyday lives, powering everything from laptops to watches. These critical components are communication lifelines to our communities and families, creating an ever-growing demand for recycling in this sector.

More recycling.
Less mining.

A blueprint
for a greener future

Sustainable battery management

Creating solutions for our customers while proving solutions for the future through.

Single point of contact for recycling of all battery chemistries, throughout North America.

Closed Loop Lifecycle
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We are proud to serve a range of industries, including:

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