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Battery Management.

Our Battery Inventory Management program covers inventory management, verification of battery voltage, storage, and shipping to end-customer. In our closed-loop system, we offer ease and large-scale solutions for both short- and long-term needs. This is significant because keeping track of all the batteries in various pieces of equipment and technology can be a difficult task—especially when you can’t test the battery voltage on your own. Cirba Solutions provides the very best experts to help you survey, organize, and manage your batteries. Furthermore, our professionals will help you obtain new batteries in scenarios where a replacement is necessary.

We handle the entire


Battery Testing

Multiple Warehouse Locations

Nationwide Distribution



Inventory management

Handling Todays Batteries to Make Tomorrows

From open-circuit voltage testing to customized timelines and reports, our battery inventory management teams will work with you to predetermine your exact specifications and needs. We test batteries to maintain the expected shelf life. Based on the results of the tests, batteries are then charged and returned to inventory, recategorized, or recycled. This battery management program ensures that your batteries are in good condition, while our professionals will recycle any defunct or damaged batteries to ensure the materials can be reused for new batteries. If the batteries are still in good shape and usable, we’ll safely charge and replace them to best extend their life span.

Some of the best practices we use include:

  • Storing batteries upright and within reach, often with roller racks that make it easy for us to rotate stock
  • Storing batteries in a consistently cool place to preserve their condition and charge
  • Following FIFO (first-in, first-out) guidelines; this is important because batteries do have a shelf life
  • Periodically cleaning and recharging batteries because they naturally lose their charge over time

Our specialized team provides nationwide distribution for sending batteries. Customer orders are picked, packed, and shipped based on their needs, and orders are sent out within the required timeframe. Responsible battery management is necessary to ensure that the environment remains unaffected and that battery materials can be recycled endlessly into brand-new batteries. For the best in battery inventory management, get in contact with us today!

Sustainable Battery Reuse

Inventory management without the hassle.

Expertise matters. Our team has a range of specialists including: 

  • Forklift Operators 
  • HazMat Drivers
  • HAZWOPER Certified Team
  • Electrical & Chemical Engineers
  • And More 

Want To Find The Best Possible Next Step To Recycle Your Batteries?

Our battery experts can help you align your program with your sustainability goals.

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