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Recycling Old Batteries

Spring Into Battery Changeouts & Recycling

You might not even give a second thought to disposing of batteries in the trash. Here’s why you should spring into battery changeouts and recycling.

Batteries are incredibly common in everyday electronics, and many people don’t even think twice about throwing them away once they’ve died. These batteries, however, contain corrosive materials and hard metals that are harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly. For that reason, you should spring into battery changeouts and recycling for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Protecting the Environment

First and foremost, making use of battery recycling services is important for preserving the environment. Not only does recycling keep the corrosive materials from sitting in a landfill, but it recycles the components of batteries to minimize waste and produce new batteries using fewer resources. Keep in mind that batteries are not biodegradable, so the more batteries that are thrown out, the more that material is sitting around doing nothing but hurting the planet.

Benefitting the Workplace

Businesses should spring into battery changeouts and recycling in order to create a more sustainable work environment. Sustainable practices like battery recycling are a great way to improve the workplace by cutting back on how many resources your business uses and wastes. This recycling program also improves employee experience; people feel more appreciative of their company when they know they’re helping contribute to the safety of the environment and a more efficient workplace. It’s also simply a good way to ensure your business’s electronics stay functional without added costs by ensuring battery materials are recycled back into the value chain.

Recycling at Home

What about when you’re at home? You likely have a trash can and a recycling bin, but neither is appropriate for any of your batteries. The best thing you can do is obtain a battery recycling kit that will allow you to safely dispose of, package, and handle batteries before sending them off to a battery recycling service. From remotes to game controllers, consider how many devices in your home use batteries and make the sustainable choice to recycle them correctly; the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

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