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Responsible Battery Recycling Act of 2022

California legislation has passed a statewide battery recycling program that requires manufacturers to provide a convenient collection for consumers to recycle batteries. This act will also require manufactures to establish a stewardship program for the collection, transportation, and recycling of covered batteries. The Act was introduced by Assembly member Irwin and was passed in Senate on August 29th, 2022.   

Governor Newsom officially signed the act on September 16, 2022 which will require program operators to develop a stewardship plan as defined as early as April 1, 2025. Once the program is in full operation there will be a review of the plan every 5 years to ensure accountability.  

This plan will have to be submitted to the Department of Toxic Substances Control and will need to include:  

  • Names of producers and the brands covered under the plan 
  • A full description of the process by which the program operator consults with the advisory board to received advice on development 
  • Implantation of plan 
  • And more…

The description of the plan will need to provide free drop off and convenient collection in each county of the state that meets requirements dependent on population size.  

A retailer with five or more locations in the state will need to serve as permanent collection sites for covered batteries with a detailed description of the process by how covered batteries will be recycled following collection including the materials that will be produced from recycled batteries. This will also include how program operators will prioritize recycling facilities that are located closer to the point of generation to help minimize transportation emissions and increase accountability.  A comprehensive statewide education and outreach program will be designed and dedicated to educating consumers and promote participation in the collection and recycling program offered by each operation.  

Cirba Solutions is looking forward to support the efforts of California’s Responsible Battery Recycling Act to create successful collection programs. This new legislation is key to the sustainably efforts that are helping create a better tomorrow.  

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