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WeRecycle Bundle – Large2


We are thrilled to share that we have unveiled our new Cirba Solutions product lines, WeRecycle.

Being dedicated to sustainability is a part of the solution to create a circular economy, therefore, we will leverage our existing inventory (that may be branded differently), until this limited stock is out.

Simplify you recycling efforts with our WeRecycle Bundles. The 12″ collection tubes and WeRecycle Kit 55 battery recycling container combines convenient battery collection with regulation-compliant battery storage and shipping.

Once your tabletop Collection Tube is full of batteries, simply empty them into the container and ship. Includes:

  • Two 12″ tabletop collection tubes
  • UN approved 41 lb. capacity collection container
  • Pre-paid shipping
  • Pre-paid recycling
  • Confirmation of Reclamation (COR) Request Card to be completed by customers who wish to receive a free COR.

This bundle supports easy collection and recycling.  Please note that the tubes are used for collection only. The WeRecycle Kit 55 container is used to ship and return the batteries for recycling.  For your convenience all containers are on a standard subscription, when we received your full one we automatically send you a replacement. 

For U.S. only,  not available in Alaska and Puerto Rico. 

Please contact our customer service team for special pricing for bulk quantities.



Pail: 11.5″ w x 10.5″h

Tubes: 4.5″ w x 12″h


Pail: 41 lb.

Tube: up to 11 lb.

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