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NAATBatt International Appoints New President-Elect to Lead Evolving Battery Industry

CHARLOTTE, N.C.Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cirba Solutions, the premier battery recycling and battery materials company, is proud to announce that David Klanecky, CEO of Cirba Solutions, has been appointed as President-elect of NAATBatt International, the leading industry advocacy group for advanced battery technology in North America.

Klanecky will serve as the new interim president of the international association for 2024 and will assume his seat as President-Elect at the 2025 annual NAATBatt Conference. Klanecky will be succeeding Brian Engle who took the post this year.

“NAATBatt is delighted and honored to have David serve as the President-Elect and future President of NAATBatt International,” said Jim Greenberger, Executive Director of NAATBatt. “David is one of the leading figures in the U.S. advanced battery industry.  His industry experience and technical expertise will be immensely helpful in guiding NAATBatt’s efforts to support the North American industry and help it gain leadership in this critical technology sector.”

Klanecky is currently the CEO and President of Cirba Solutions and has been a member of NAATBatt International since 2010. He currently serves on the Board of Directors and has been actively engaged with various subcommittees including ones such as the battery recycling workgroup. Klanecky brings 30 years of experience to NAATBatt, using his vast expertise in chemical engineering, lithium production and battery manufacturing to promote safety, commercial development, and partnerships in the critical metals space. He is passionate about enhancing the battery supply chain through sustainable practices and is an advocate for technological advancement in the critical minerals market.

“It’s an honor to be elected as the incoming President during this extraordinary time of expansion,” said Klanecky. “I look forward to upholding and building upon the legacy of collaboration and advocacy of this organization. When I joined NAATBatt in 2010, I saw an enormous opportunity to enhance the work being done to advance the battery supply chain and manufacturing. I believe we can support the next generation of leaders in the battery sector, and I am excited to collaborate with our members across the globe.”

About NAATBatt
NAATBatt International is a trade association of 380+ companies and research institutions dedicated to supporting the development, commercialization and manufacture of advanced battery technology in North America. Founded in 2008 at the request of then Senator Barack Obama, NAATBatt’s mission is to make sure that North American companies and North American workers play a leading role in the transition of energy from heat-based fuels to electric power that advanced battery technology will enable. NAATBatt works actively with industry and governments to make sure that happens.

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