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Marion County, Oregon Signs 5-year Battery Recycling Contract

Wixom, Michigan, Dec 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Battery Solutions, the leader in end-to-end battery recycling management in North America, and Marion County partner to support battery recycling efforts with a 5-year contract, starting January 1, 2022.

Battery Solutions sees the value in batteries not only in their first use but at their end-of-life as well. Through battery recycling, essential valuable materials can re-enter the supply chain reducing the need for virgin mining and decreasing the amount of waste going into landfills. With battery centric logistics programs, and 30 years of experience, Battery Solutions will recycle the almost 1 million pounds of end-of-life batteries expected and provide full traceability to Marion County. 

“Marion County is a great example of how counties are prioritizing battery recycling and contributing to the circular economy, by the reintroduction of materials back into the value chain. We are excited to continue our relationship with such a sustainability focused community” says Thomas Bjarnemark, Chief Executive Officer of Battery Solutions.

County residents’ alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries will be recycled at Battery Solutions’ Wixom, Michigan facility. This recycling process creates three main outputs from these battery types, one of which is a zinc and manganese concentrate (ZMC).  This specific concentrate is used as a micronutrient in fertilizer for crops, such as corn and soybeans.  Zinc has a critical role to play as a micronutrient in the human body, a deficiency which can cause a wide range of issues. By supporting battery recycling, people can actually help support a more micronutrient diet and help divert material from landfills. 

With industry driving compliance & safety all batteries get recycled in the most efficient way possible. “Marion County is excited and proud to partner with Battery Solutions,” says Program Supervisor for Marion County Environmental Services Thomas Kissinger. “We look forward to this opportunity to provide our community with an effective recycling program for common household batteries.”

This partnership will allow Marion County to recycle and transport their end-of-life batteries with ease, ensuring they are being ethically recycled by a trusted partner such as Battery Solutions.

About Battery Solutions

Battery Solutions has been a North American leader in battery recycling management with end-to-end solutions for 30 years. Battery Solutions is committed to conserving natural resources from spent batteries and diverting them from landfills through scalable programs. Handling all battery chemistries, sizes and formats, Battery Solutions charts a path forward for their customers by supporting fully traceable end-of-life management, services, and products.

Contact Battery Solutions today to take the next step in your sustainability journey, visit or call 800.852.8127.



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