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KPA & Cirba Solutions Partner

KPA & Cirba Solutions Partner to Drive Safe Handling and Shipping of Electric Vehicle Batteries Among Dealerships

Westminster, CO and Charlotte, NC (May 9, 2023)Today, KPA and Cirba Solutions announced a partnership to help personnel at numerous automotive dealership brands manage the safe servicing, handling, and shipping of electric vehicle batteries. As a leading provider of environment, health, and safety (EHS) software and services, KPA’s partnership with Cirba Solutions, the most trusted and comprehensive battery materials and management company for end-of-life batteries and gigafactory scrap, brings two well-trusted and established organizations together to provide dealerships with comprehensive resources and solutions for the ever-increasing demand of lithium-ion batteries, and service for hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs).

The growing demand for EVs and the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries continue to require dealerships and service centers to be knowledgeable about the hazards and safe handling and servicing practices for these batteries. As KPA compliance consultants conduct their on-site and online visits, they will now be able to offer battery recycling and processing services to their clients. Through this partnership, Cirba Solutions and KPA will support more than 10,000 dealerships across the U.S., like Beck Automotive, Dick Hannah, Foundation Automotive, and Kelly BMW, with the resources to safely manage EV lithium-ion batteries.

“KPA’s partnership with Cirba Solutions means that our customers and our EHS specialists in the field are equipped with expert resources and tools to help dealerships with questions about safe handling, storage, and shipping of lithium-ion batteries,” said Micah O’Shaughnessy, CSP, ASP, KPA’s Regulatory Project Manager. “This partnership with Cirba is a vital part of KPA’s effort to help businesses keep employees safe working with and around electric vehicles.”

“The electrification movement is here and ensuring we support dealerships in the EV supply chain is critical. This is a great example of leveraging partnerships to advance the needs of a growing market and support sustainability efforts while also ensuring there is an outlet for end-of-life batteries,” said Jay Wago, Chief Commercial Officer for Cirba Solutions.

Each organization has over 30 years of experience working with dealerships and the automotive industry, helping workers navigate workplace hazards as well as handle and recycle equipment safely. In addition to a comprehensive suite of compliance and safety software and services, KPA’s EV Safety & Compliance Solution features award-winning training, on-site consulting services, and EV-focused checklists and templates to help businesses and employees be safe and navigate regulatory requirements. Cirba Solutions is a leader in the sustainable battery supply chain, helping customers with processing and material upgrades that put less strain on natural resources.

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