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Girl Scouts: Battery Recycling Patch

Go beyond the basics to become a battery expert.

This patch program educates Girl Scouts about sustainability, battery recycling, battery identification and the battery recycling process.  This patch program covers the following:

  • Why sustainability is important
  • The role of batteries
  • How to identify batteries 
  • How to process batteries for their end-of-life cycle
  • Battery recycling facility tour

Let's Get Learning

Below are the steps for the patch program to help educate, support the planet, and expand communication involvement for battery recycling. 

This handout gives troop leaders a description of the program and flow. 

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This video provides an overview on what battery recycling is and how it helps the environment. 

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Learn how to identify batteries so they can prepared for recycling. 


Have the troop take what they have learned so far and identify the most common types of batteries found in the home. 

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Take a tour of the Battery Solutions facility to see what happens after you send in your batteries for recycling. 

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Troop leaders lead the discussion on battery recycling facts learned throughout the program with this guided reference. 

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Troops aim to collect the used batteries in their home and sned them in the battery recycling 

Materials Needed

To complete this patch program, you will need access to a:

  • Computer 
  • Battery Recycling Kit
  • Internet Access (for videos)
  • Projector (optional)
  • Printer (if needed for handouts)

This program requires the distribution of print out materials along with access to YouTube for the video portions. A battery recycling kit along with the completion patches is 


Patches will be distributed by local Girl Scouts office. Patches will be included in the kits when order online.

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Contact your local Girl Scout representative or reach out to us with questions!

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