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Community Recycling Module

Go beyond the basics to become a battery expert.

Battery Solutions has been a North American leader in battery recycling sustainability and end-to-end solutions for 30 years. Battery Solutions has committed to conserving natural resources from spent batteries, diverting them from landfills through scalable programs. Handling all battery chemistries, sizes and formats, Battery Solutions charts a path forward for their customers by supporting fully traceable end-of-life management services and products.

With our partners, we aim to build a better future for generations to come. 

Battery Recycling Collection 

Help students develop sustainable habits by starting a battery recycling collection, early. Create a fun recycling environment by engaging students in educational videos or offering a fun battery recycling competition. Get 5% off a battery recycling kit using code EDUCATION at checkout. 


Below are the resources you will need to educate students about battery recycling, supporting the planet, and expand community involvement for battery recycling. 

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This video provides an overview on what battery recycling is and how it helps the environment. 

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Learn how to identify batteries so they can prepared for recycling. 

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For ages 10-16: Have students take what they have learned so far and identify the most common types of batteries found in the home. 

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Take a tour of the Battery Solutions facility to see what happens after you send in your batteries for recycling. 

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For Students: Lead the discussion on battery recycling facts learned throughout the program with this guided reference. 

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Did you know magnetic fields can create motion?

Click here to make your own mini electromagnetic motor out of just three pieces!

Materials Needed

To complete this educational program, you will need access to a:

  • Computer 
  • Battery Recycling Kit
  • Internet Access (for videos)
  • Projector (optional)
  • Printer (if needed for handouts)

This program requires the distribution of print out materials along with access to YouTube for the video portions. A battery recycling kit along with the completion patches is 

Want to purchase a recycling kit?

Get 5% off a battery recycling kit using code EDUCATION at checkout. 

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