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Community Education

Educating Communities On the Importance of Battery Recycling.

Cirba Solutions has been a leader in battery recycling sustainability and end-to-end solutions for 30 years. Cirba Solutions has committed to conserving natural resources from spent batteries, diverting them from landfills through scalable programs. Handling all battery chemistries, sizes and formats, Cirba Solutions charts a path forward for their customers by supporting fully traceable end-of-life management services and products.

With our partners, we aim to build a better future for generations to come. 

  • Why sustainability is important
  • The role of batteries
  • How to identify batteries 
  • How to process batteries for their end-of-life cycle

Community Recycling Resources

Educating Our Communities On Battery Recycling.

As batteries continue to become more popular the need to find end-of-life solutions for them grows.  There are many different types of batteries, and they are made up of varying chemistries. These batteries use elements from across the periodic table including mercury, lead, lithium, nickel and more.  To handle the hazardous materials that may be contained within these batteries there are strict regulations regarding transportation, and we are starting to see more regulations overall for end-of-life disposal.

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Start the recycling discussion by engaging in a facts learned throughout the program with this guided reference. 

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Our Collection Kits

WeRecycle Kit

The battery recycling WeRecycle Kits are complete battery and handheld electronics recycling kist for households, corporate and government customers.


  • UN approved collection containers
  • Pre-paid shipping
  • Pre-paid recycling
  • Free Confirmation of Reclamation (COR) Request Card

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Our battery experts have a solution for your every recycling need.

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