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Cirba Solutions Receives Additional $7+ Million from the DOE

Cirba Solutions leads processing technology roadmap for circular EV battery recycling materials in North America

Charlotte, NC (November 29, 2022) – Cirba Solutions, the largest and most comprehensive cross-chemistry battery management and materials processor in the industry, is the recipient of a grant of $7.4 million from the Department of Energy under President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Electric Drive Vehicle Battery Recycling and Second Life provision. Grant funds will support the scalability of lithium-ion processing out of its Lancaster, Ohio facility for the evaluation of approaches to advancing cost-effective lithium-ion processing and recycling technologies. 

Responsible and sustainable domestic sourcing and processing of the critical materials used to make lithium-ion batteries will strengthen American supply chains, accelerate battery production to meet increased demand, and secure the nation’s economic competitiveness, energy independence, and national security.  At full operation, the Lancaster facility will be one of the largest commercial-scale electric vehicle (EV) material recycling facilities in North America, producing enough battery-grade critical minerals to power more than 200,000 new EVs annually.

“We are focused on developing and providing battery grade raw material feedstock from recycled EV batteries to support the growing demand for battery manufacturing in North America,” said David Klanecky, President & CEO of Cirba Solutions.  “Our efforts are centered on helping our partners reach their sustainability goals with high quality recycled materials that complete a closed loop supply chain for North America.”

Cirba Solutions has partnered with strategic companies to integrate an array of technologies to provide a wide range of product offerings to the lithium-ion battery manufacturing supply chain. Momentum Technologies and 6K Inc. are key partners that will help accelerate this approach and vision.

The transformation of the electric vehicle market is here and growing year-over-year. EV battery recycling will support a viable and sustainable resource for critical materials. “We are proud to support a circular battery supply chain, while also creating sustainable solutions for future generations,” said Klanecky.

In September, Cirba Solutions also announced plans for its Heritage Battery Recycling affiliate to construct a lithium-ion battery processing facility in Eloy, Arizona, which is expected to manufacture enough battery material to power 50,000 EVs annually. In October, the expansion of the Lancaster, Ohio facility was announced, followed by a $75 million grant from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Battery Materials Processing and Battery Manufacturing provision by the Department of Energy to increase lithium-ion battery recycling in the United States. With six operational facilities currently, one to open in 2023 and expected to grow to an estimated 13 facilities before 2030, Cirba Solutions is committed to enhancing the circular battery supply chain.

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