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California Privacy Policy

California Privacy Rights

If you are a California resident, the information below may apply to you in addition to our Privacy Policy.

Collection Information

Some or all of the following personal information may be collected:

  • Name (first and last name)
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Financial Information – bank account number, credit card number, debit card number or other financial information for processing orders.
  • Contact Phone number
  • Business or Organization Name
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Geolocation data
  • Professional or Employment-Relation

The following collection sources may be used to collect information:

  • You
  • BSL Website
  • Devices(s) You Use

This information will be collected from avenues including:

  • Website pages visited
  • Web chat
  • Product orders
  • Email requests
  • Mail in requests
  • Phone calls

How your information may be used

BSL will always protect the information that you voluntarily share with us as well as the information we collect from you. Information collected will be used for the following business purposes:

  • Performing services you have purchased or contracted with us, including but not limited to maintaining service account, providing customer service, verifying your information, payment processing, analytic services, advertising or marketing services or other services.
  • Auditing interaction and transactions, including but not limited to web chats, orders, ad impressions, unique visitors, time for payment transaction and
  • Optimizing and customizing you experience on our digital platforms.
  • Processing returns.
  • Compliance with all applicable legal requirements, relevant industry standards and our policies.
  • Internal research for the purposes of customer experience enhancement, technological development and trend analysis.

BSL employees directly interacting with customers have the access to update your information.

Access and sharing of personal information

We store information internally in a controlled, secure environment. We limit access to such information to our employees who need to access that information to provide products, services or support to you or who use the information for marketing and research.

BSL does not offer, or allow the selling of, any user-provided information to third parties.

You have some choices regarding our use and disclosure of your personal information.

  • Access: You have the right to request personal information we have collected on you in the past 12 months. This information may include:
    • Sources from which personal information was collected.
    • The specific details collected on you including: Name (first and last name), Billing Address, Shipping Address Contact Phone number, Business or Organization Name, Email address, Country, orders and/or services provided.
  • Deletion: You have the right to request that we delete certain personal information that has been collected. Exceptions apply specific to the ability to fulfill orders.
  • Opt-Out of Advertising: You have the right to opt-out of email or other types of communication by clicking on the opt-out option in the communication and complete the request.

How to Submit a Request

You have the right to request the information we have stored on you. To request a copy of that information please click here to email our Customer Service team or write us at:

Battery Solutions, LLC
Privacy Policy Request
4930 Holtz Dr.

Wixom, MI, 48843

Request Verification

In an effort to help protect the privacy and maintain security we may take steps to verify your identify before giving access to your personal information or complying with the request.

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