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Go beyond the basics to become a battery expert.

Cirba Solutions is a leader in battery recycling management for 30 years. Our expertise comes from our teams’ extensive experience in the field and we share it with you. From the battery recycling basics to fully customizable trainings, we find the solution for you. 

  • Courses are offered virtually and or at our Battery School in Michigan.
  • On-site learning is available, ask us today on how to schedule this for your team.

We offer the following classes:

Learn how to identify battery chemistries and formats for recycling. At the end of this course, you will know the key ways to identify a battery type, battery chemistry, and if a battery is damaged. 

This class focuses on packaging, transportation and damaged battery regulations for end-of-life batteries. From hazmat classifications to learning how to package material, this training covers a wide range of post-consumer batteries. 

Lithium is a growing chemistry in the battery recycling sector, and it is important to understand how to properly identify, package and transport these at end-of-life. Learn about what makes lithium batteries unique and best practices for recycling them. 

This training reviews the safety concerns for battery recycling in the post-consumer sector and what is non-conforming material. We identify provisions to take and look at action plans as a takeaway to help you better approach battery recycling. 

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We offer individual classes or full day sessions.

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