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Battery Boot


We believe in the importance of on-going training. Whether it’s battery 101 or advanced, cutting-edge, or new to market chemistries. There is a big need to support end-of-life battery education.

For the last 15 years we have offered a version of our comprehensive training curriculum to our customers and partners. Sign up! We never stop learning ourselves and love to offer our extensive knowledge on the identification, handling, and the safety of batteries.

Go beyond the basics to

become a battery expert.

Expert Trainers


Adaptable Curriculum


Industry Leaders

Know-it-all... in a good way.

The certifications always matter.  

  • Haz Mat
  • Licensed electrician
  • Crane Operator Certifications
  • And More

Want To Find The Best Possible Next Step To Recycle Your Batteries?

Our battery experts can help you align your program with your sustainability goals.

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